JMTP began awarding scholarships to the John McEnroe Tennis Academy in 2010. Our support of scholar athletes often leads to college scholarships and further educational opportunities.


JMTP scholarship recipients have received scholarships and/or favored recruitment into NCAA collegiate programs including Amherst, Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, University of North Carolina, Wake Forest, Yale, among others. Some examples of our mission in action are the talented and dedicated young athletes featured below.



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The Johnny Mac Tennis Project and John McEnroe Tennis Academy have joined forces with BNP Paribas to support deserving tennis talent who embody the future of tennis.

Together, we're helping the most promising and deserving young American talents to reach the next level. Our Team BNP Paribas Mac 1 program provides year-round training and coaching to young hopefuls, from our home base at Sportime Randall’s Island in New York City.

We support our team members on and off the court, making available financial assistance, to allow intensive training and access to local, national and international competition; and personal assistance in preparing for the demands of collegiate and professional tennis, including image management, educational success, literacy, life-skills and more.

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"This scholarship allows me to train with the best coaches and athletes in the area. I envision tennis taking me well beyond a collegiate pathway."

View Olivia's player card.



“The academy has helped me improve all aspects of my game and I love the atmosphere. Winning a grand slam (or a few), is the biggest dream of mine!”

View Matisse's player card.

“I love the access to the amazing courts, amazing trainers and really great coaches and I always feel safe there. One day, I hope to go pro and break Serena and Margaret Court’s records!”

View Summer's player card.


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“Receiving the BNP Mac 1 scholarship is a privilege and an honor. I will use it as motivation to be the best I can be, both in tennis and as a person, and to further my dream of playing Division I college tennis.”

View Darren's player card.

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“I love being able to train, and competing at tournaments, Playing at the John McEnroe Tennis Academy helps me do that -- I can't imagine playing tennis anywhere else!”

View Sebastian's player card.


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“I love the John McEnroe Tennis Academy and could not be where I am today without it! My goal is to play tennis for a D1 college but I have dreams of going pro.”

View Theadora's player card.

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“Tennis is the most important thing in my future. I so appreciate the BNP Mac 1 scholarship because it allows me to train more and with stronger, more developed players. It will enable me to travel to tournaments.”

View Joseph's player card.



"I think a lot about John McEnroe saying his goal is to have each player reach their full potential. I know it's up to me to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity!"

View Natalie's player card.


“Tennis is my life- I love that it is fun, but also mentally and physically challenging. The BNP Mac 1 scholarship gives me opportunities I would not otherwise have to learn about the game and life in general.”

View Ari's player card.




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