I like tennis because we get to run and

I like to run. Tennis is so much fun.

I learned about something that I never did before.

Ervin C., 1st Grade, P.S. 112

I am truly grateful to have received a tennis scholarship. It has boosted my confidence and I love traveling to tournaments and competing.

I learned about tennis and the coach taught me to balance the ball on the racket. And I learned about hitting the ball over the net. And I like the part when we play together.

Lara A.,

JMTA Scholarship Recipient

Sophia H.,

1st Grade, Our Lady Queen of Angels

I like tennis because I wanted to learn tennis and I did. I also like going to tennis because we play games with
the ball and rackets. Thank you for teaching me how to play tennis.
I had so much fun!

Being part of the Team has increased my self- confidence on the court because I realize that other players look up to me. This motivates me to push myself even harder.

Darren H., BNP Mac1 Team

Because of this scholarship, I've become more disciplined, learned how to strategize, and am starting to believe that I can be great at whatever I choose to do.

Geneva A.,

JMTA Scholarship Recipient

Stephen S.,

1st Grade, P.S. 112

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