Average college achievement and health indicators are far lower in the communities neighboring Randall’s Island than in greater New York City or nationwide. JMTP invests in empowering our local youth by offering free tennis classes throughout the school year. Sessions lasting up to 34 weeks, serve between 50-90 children each school day, and are provided on- and off-site at local public and charter schools.

JMTP ensures that our community programs are high quality and age appropriate.  Working with SPORTIME/JMTA, community program participants learn from word-class coaches who have been trained in our (Under-10) philosophy and techniques.  Working through clearly defined stages of development that follow a progression of court sizes, ball types (red, orange, green, yellow) and net heights, makes it possible for kids to actually play tennis from the moment they step on a tennis court, to learn experientially, and to have fun.

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Johnny Mac Tennis Project

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