At the Johnny Mac Tennis Project we believe that tennis is a change agent and a sport of opportunity for New York City area children. Our Tennis Pathway to Success® provides multiple, year-round opportunities, from introductory programs provided to schools and community based organizations (CBOs), which focus on cultivating healthy lifestyles and self-discipline, to world-class tournament training for aspiring college scholarship recipients and professional athletes.  










“I like tennis because we get to run and I like to run. Tennis is so much fun. I learned about something that I never did before.”

Ervin C., 1st Grade 

P.S. 112

“I like tennis because I wanted to learn tennis and I did. I also like going to tennis because we play games with the ball and rackets. Thank you for teaching me how to play tennis. I had so much fun!”

Sophia H., 1st Grade

Our Lady Queen of Angels

“I learned about tennis and the coach taught me to balance the ball on the racket. And I learned about hitting the ball over the net. And I like the part when we play together.”

Stephen S., 1st Grade 

P.S. 112


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Johnny Mac Tennis Project

C/O SPORTIME Randall’s Island

One Randall’s Island, New York, NY 10035

info@jmtpny.org \\ Tel: 212-792-8500

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